Winter in Palm Springs is the definition of perfect. The weather is warm, and while nights can get chilly in the valley, daytime is suitable for outdoor activities where you don’t have to worry too much about the desert heat. This season, we recommend that you head out on the green! That’s right; It’s time to tee off when you vacation to one of our beautiful Palm Springs villas, at McLean Company. Here are some essential tips for desert golfing, that you’ll want to know before you hit your first hole in one.

The Right Attire

Golfing requires a different type of clothing, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right attired packed for this golfing vacation. As most golf courses abide by a dress code, it’s best to check out websites, clubhouses, or ask when booking your game to learn about what is acceptable. Collared shirts, dress pants, and golf shoes are more of the favorite items people tend to wear, but some courses do not allow metal spikes on shoes, or even denim clothing.

Summer Desert Golfing

While it’s currently winter in the desert, summer golfing is also something you might want to do if you’re planning a trip in 2018. The desert produces temps in the triple digits, which can make golfing in the summer a hot one. Always have water with you, so you stay hydrated. It’s best to see if the Clubhouse will let you bring your water bottles on the course, or if you have to buy them on site, as some locations prohibit outside food and beverages. We also recommend you bring some H2O with you even when playing in the winter. As rounds can take up to 4 hours, you’ll want to ensure you don’t get dehydrated.

The Desert Rule

Desert golfing means that on some courses you’ll be playing the desert rule. This rule turns the desert into a lateral hazard if a player loses their ball, that ball is no longer playable. Which leads to the player having the option to drop a new ball within two club lengths of where the ball entered the desert or grassy area. The Desert Rule is then met with a one-stroke penalty against the player.

You’re Not Alone on the Course

Something to always remember when playing golf in the desert is that you’re honestly not alone. That means you don’t want to mess with whatever else is on the course such as the desert critters that call the area home. If you happen to lose a ball in grass or bushes, do not reach your hand in there, as you’ll want to inspect the area with your club first. Rattlesnakes and scorpions, plus other animals call the area home, and sting on the hand isn’t something you want to deal with during your trip to Palm Springs!

Whenever you decide to get out on the green, you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s with the family or you’re just out with your buddies, there are plenty of locations to try and practice on or play a game. This winter, enjoy your time at the tee when you book your trip with McLean Company. Take a look at this list of all the golf courses in our town then enjoy our Palm Springs Villas; we’ll be waiting for you and your golf clubs!

Taste Luxury while on your Vacation

Palm Springs is an exceptional desert community, and the food that you’ll get to enjoy is something you won’t want to miss out on during your vacation. You’ll find the best luxury villas Palm Springs has ever seen when you book with the fantastic McLean Company. Spend your days dining poolside, enjoying happy hour, or getting into the ultra-luxe scene of lavish dinners for two. However you imagine your trip, try a taste of luxury when visiting the desert, it just might make you want some dessert!

There is truly nothing like dining with your better half, and when you spend a few days in Palm Springs for a couples getaway, you’ll be surprised by all of the fantastic dining options. Offering fabulous intimate spots to unique dishes that will make your mouth water,  we know that no matter what, you’ll want to enjoy your night from the appetizer all the way to the decadent dessert. If you’re ultimately looking for a top restaurant to bring your loved one too, rest assured Palm Springs has some marvelous places to for a set of romance over the valley.

Luxe Tropics

We all know that the eclectic flair of mid-century modern mixed with tiki lounges and tropical specials comes to mind when you think of Palm Springs, and a romantic night wouldn’t be without the Tropicale. This upscale eatery has a fantastic neon-exterior and fun, retro interior which plays a nod to tropical features. Their menu is also just as unique as their decor, offering everything from small, shareable plates to incredible entrees and an extensive list of cocktails, fine wines, and more.

Dine under the Stars

Photograph by Spencer’s Restaurant

With much of Palm Springs weather hovering around the 70s for most of the year, you’ll get to experience a beautiful night under the stars when you dine on a patio. Spencer’s Restaurant which is in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains serves up an amazing culinary experience. The list of awards goes on for awhile, but you’ll want to taste their excellent American cuisine yourself. Serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the option to dine increases so you’ll be able to eat here at least once on your trip.

We recommend trying their lunch prix fixe during the day as their business lunch prix fixe is ideal for those who have other things they need to do during the day. At night, when under the stars opt for the dinner prix fixe which consists of three courses. You can always choose to go al la carte at this fantastic restaurant if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, plus they have an extensive menu full of tantalizing options.

Room for a Meal and A View

Hosted on the former guesthouse of actor Cary Grant, you can dine right near the San Jacinto Mountains which offer a spectacular panorama. Copley’s on Palm Canyon offers a beautiful mix of tropical and European flavors, meld into savory American dishes. While the restaurant has a casual feel to it, you’ll be surprised by the sophistication of the cuisine itself. Boasting phenomenal meats, poultry, and seafood options their entrees are delicious but you might just want to taste their delectable desserts. We think their Adult Milkshake with Kiddy Toppings offers a fun twist to a couple’s dinner for two.

Have your Date Night Indoors

If you’re not so much in the mood to leave the stunning luxury villas, Palm Springs has, like our Palm Springs Escena Contemporary, that’s okay, we understand! Just like a fancy night out for two, you can do just that while staying indoors and spending time reconnecting while making an enjoyable meal together. Palm Springs Escena Contemporary offers a beautiful gourmet kitchen stocked full of everything you need to cook up something magical. All you have to do is pick up your favorite items at the grocery store and get to cooking with your sweetie by your side. We promise, this will not only ensure your perfect dinner meal, but you get to spend time with the one you loved most in life. Plus, it offers a perfect date-night indoors, especially on those nights where you just want to relax, poolside.

No matter where you end up dining, choosing the greatest luxury villas Palm Springs has to offer will bring the best out of this sweet desert city. There is always an option for everyone visiting, and the perfect vacation rental as well, plus, you won’t want to miss out on a special date night for two! Head to McLean Company rentals to spend a beautiful couple’s getaway, while sipping on fantastic wine, delicious meals, and spending time with loved ones.

How to Stay Cool on your Summer Desert Vacation

As the heat begins to increase, summer is almost here. You can say goodbye to cooler days and chillier nights with a summertime vacation in California’s desert communities.  McLean Company has everything you need for a fantastic summer getaway. While it might be hot and toasty on your trip out west, there are plenty of ways for you to stay cold during your retreat to your luxury Palm Springs vacation rentals.

Pool Break

When vacationing in California during the summer, you’ll want to make sure your rental has a pool with it. Our vacation rentals have beautiful pools for you to chill off. You’ll love spending the day relaxing and cooling off in your own private oasis. With so many luxury vacation rentals to choose from, we’re sure you’ll pick the best pool that fits you! If you’re looking for public pool areas in Palm Springs, we recommend heading to one of the local spas in our area. Sit back and relax when you spend an entire day at the spa, get pampered of simply enjoy your time. If you desire to up the ante on pools, head to Wet ‘n’ Wild in Palm Springs for a fabulous day at a waterpark. You’ll get to experience lazy rivers, waterslides, wave pools and so much more, you’ll beat the heat at any of these locations.

Sky High

We know that when the heat rolls in throughout the valley that you’ll want to seek shade. It’s okay to find a cozy restaurant with misters, but you can also soar to the sky when you hop on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Not only will you encounter spectacular views, but the temperature tends to be 20-30 degrees cooler than in the valley. You’ll definitely want to purchase their summer pass, where you can get unlimited tram rides. Noted as the world’s largest rotating tramway, your tram car will rotate slowly throughout your journey so that you can experience the entire Mt. San Jacinto State Park. Once you’re at the top (Mountain Station), you spend the day exploring hiking trails, museums, delicious food, and shops all while at an elevation of 8,516 feet.

However, you choose to spend your getaway to Palm Springs this summer don’t let the heat get to you! Cool off at the pool or fly high in the sky with the aerial tram system, stay in the shade or rock some shades, either way, you’ll have a fantastic time when you pick Mclean Company for your Palm Springs vacation rentals. We can’t wait to see you this summer season!

Spring Weddings Venues in Palm Springs CA

Summer can be one the most popular seasons of the year for weddings, but it tends to get pretty warm in our desert communities. Whether you’re looking for a quick elopement getaway or you’re actively searching for space, we’ve got you covered! At McLean Company Rentals we have beautiful spring wedding venues in Palm Springs CA, that you don’t want to miss out.

Destination weddings can be amazing and not tedious when you’re spending time in one of the most luxurious locations in the Country. As summer is slowly upon us here in the desert. Heat will begin to take over, and no one likes to be sweaty during a wedding ceremony. Making spring the prime season to visit Palm Springs, CA and a top reason why you should consider a springtime celebration with us, next year!

Best Venue in Palm Springs

While many of our wedding venue options could be considered the best, our Colony 29 resort was voted Palm Springs Best Wedding and Corporate Event Venue in 2016! If you’re looking to get away with your closest friends for your nuptials, this is the place to go. Set on six acres of land, and spread out between six houses your guests will be an awe of this truly spectacular venue.

Other excellent venues and ample housing options include Polo Villas, Lago Vista Ranch, and Coachella Canyons. Both Polo Villas and Lago Vista Ranch can host a 10+ people in their properties. While Coachella Canyons is a fantastic wedding venue for those wanting an out of the ordinary ceremony.

No matter who you choose to spend your special day with. Let our wedding venues in Palm Springs CA, surpass all that you had hoped for and more. Experience some of the most breathtaking and beautifully landscaped homes and sites set within a desert backdrop. Lush gardens and floral options will help bring your spring nuptials to life.

Spring Forward at a Palm Springs Vacation Rental

It’s springtime, and that means there is no better time than right now to book your California destination getaway. McLean Company has the perfect Palm Springs vacation rentals for your luxury trip. There is plenty to do when staying at our vacation homes this spring season. April and May in the desert, bring warmer weather, must-see wildflowers, and relaxing pool-side getaways.

A Bloomin’ Desert

We’re serious! There isn’t a better time, have you seen the news? Spring in California after a long drought means our wildflowers are blooming. And boy, are these flowers blooming! Thanks to our wet winter, super blooms are occurring all over Southern California. The desert currently covered with massive amounts of colorful flowers and lush greenery has practically turned our dry, brown landscapes into beautiful paintings. You really don’t want to miss this spectacular event, as photographs only capture a portion of what you’ll experience.

Beat the Heat in Spring

Weather-wise, Springtime brings warmer days, but nothing like our summer heat. With the weather at prime temperature, and averages ranging from sunny 88 degrees to a cool, low of 57 degrees (Fahrenheit). You can actively enjoy golfing and other outdoor recreations without worrying about the heat. Springtime also means a slower season, tourism-wise. While much of our tourism occurs in the winter months (October-December) this time of the year brings something a little special to our desert location. We recommend packing your bags and spending a few days here with us before June and our summer season begins.

Poolside Oasis

When the temperatures do get a bit toasty, many of our Palm Springs Vacation Rentals also include pools. When picking out your rental, we recommend one with a pool – perfect for yourself or whoever else will be joining you. Whether you go for a dip, want to swim a few laps, or catch some sunrays, there is something for everyone at our Palm Springs locations. Bring your family, a couple of friends, or even your sweetheart and experience your poolside oasis!

No matter what you wish to do while visiting, our Palm Springs Vacation Rentals at McLean Company have everything you need to enjoy spring to its’ fullest. Pack your camera, swimsuit, and sunglasses for a fabulous getaway of a lifetime. Book your rental today and start planning your California luxury vacation.


Get ready to load your calendar, the desert is in full bloom with things to do this spring. From the Super Bloom and Desert X to Coachella and Stagecoach, with more in between.

Super Bloom

For a short period of time Southern California say’s good-by to the typical hot and dry landscapes and gives a welcomingly loud HELLO to the bright yellow, orange, and purple blooms, covering the barren desert terrain and canyons. Due to the recent rains, the commonly known “super bloom”, has exceeded previous years wildflowers and added a “few” butterflies to enjoy.

To see this natural phenomenon in the Joshua Tree National Park, take exit 168 for Cottonwood Springs Road off the 10 Freeway and head north into the park, then hike along the Bajada Nature Trail to get the best views of the flowers, which are now in peak.

Desert X

Desert X has returned for its second edition this year, stretching over 50 miles and featuring 19 artists. Exhibits are on display now until April 21st.  Desert X sprawls from North Palm Springs to the Salton Sea, with a couple of exhibits even across the border. Those aren’t for your typical day trip though. This year, the exhibits take on worldly topics, from indigenous rights to nuclear testing. With over 200,000 visitors in its 2017 debut and becoming a social-media sensation, you won’t want to miss the Desert X experience.

Coachella Pool Parties

Did you know people actually visit the Coachella Valley during the festival month of April with no intention of even attending Coachella? The pool parties have become an attraction all to their own. Over the years, the parties have grown from small gatherings at private residences, to full-flung mini festivals, complete with live music lineups, carnival rides, parking shuttles and event staff. Below is a list of some of the hottest Coachella parties for 2019:

Neon Carnival | 4.13 | 10PM

Deep Space Beach Club | Invite Only

Vamped Vacancy | Invite Only

Day Club Palm Springs | 4.12, 4.13, 4.19 & 4.20

Vestal Village 2019 | 4.11-4.14

…and so many more!

Desert Music Festivals

April is known as festival month here in the Coachella Valley. Over 250,000 visitors are expected from all over the world to embark on our little desert for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Weekend 1 (April 12th – 14th) and then again for Weekend 2 (April 19th-21st). What started as a little alternative concert in the early 90’s has now become one of the world’s most popular music festivals of the year. Featuring contemporary, alternative, classic, rock, indie, and electronic music artists.  This ultra-trendy fest leaves nothing to the imagination.

The last weekend (April 26th-28th) is saved for the country lovers. Stagecoach California’s Country Music Festival is a three-day event featuring the latest Nashville stars, legends, and celebrates country music and culture. It’s no wonder why Indio has become the #1 city in the USA for live music.

Spring Break Tips for a Palm Springs Vacation

Spring Break is here and that means many families and students are packing their bags and heading to warmer weather. Spring brings a wonderful time to get to see the Golden State, whether, with your family or friends, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your vacation. When you book with McLean Company rentals, our Palm Springs location will emphasize your amazing vacation. Continue reading for so much-needed spring break tips for a Palm Springs vacation

SPF is Number One

Don’t forget the sunscreen at home! This should be your number one item on your list while packing. No matter where you’re coming from, UVA and UVB rays are important to protect against. We know you’re going to want to be outside, so don’t ruin your time here by being sunburnt. Save yourself the hassle and grab a bottle or two to bring with. You may even consider bringing Aloe Vera, which helps cool down hot, sunburned skin.

Pack layers

Spring can bring nicer weather during the day, but sometimes nights can get a little chilly. It’s important to bring layers with and make sure you have them with you during your travels. Even though you’ll be staying in the desert of California, you might want to have lighter clothing items such as sweaters, cardigans, or light jacket.

Experience a Winery

Summer has heavier traffic with many people traveling west, so spring is an ample time to visit a winery. While there aren’t any wineries in Palm Springs, go on a day trip to Temecula Valley Wine Country. You’ll experience beautiful views and wonderful wine. There are even a few companies that run wine tours from Palm Springs to Temecula like Adventure Hummer Tours which can pick you up right from your rental.

However you choose to spend your days, let your spring break shine brightly when you stay in Palm Springs. When visiting in the spring, we recommend viewing the amazing desert wildflowers. With all the rain we’ve received this year these flowers are carpeting the desert floor. Don’t forget these small tips that will make a huge impact on your Palm Springs vacation.

Book your stay with us today at (844) 325-5944 or book your rental online.

Spend your Summer Vacation at a Luxury Villa

Are you into an ultra-lavish lifestyle or want to experience what a luxury villa and celebrity summer is like? You’ve come to right place! Here at McLean Company, we’ve got your stay at a luxury villa, Palm Springs, down to a tee. Meaning your summer getaway will be worth while! Pack your bags today and jet off on your next California destination vacation and enjoy an opulent lifestyle for awhile.

Our company specializes in luxury vacation rentals throughout the Palm Springs area. We’ve been operating since 1984, and we’re one of the most trusted names for vacation rentals in Palm Springs. We have everything for your luxury getaway; private pools, clean, crisp colors, and lots of properties fit for every budget.

Mountain Views

Our Palm Springs Getaway is our currently featured rental. Easy on the wallet, this beautiful estate is perfect for those wanting to get a taste of luxury on a lower budget. Not only will you experience incredible mountain views, but you’ll get to enjoy the wall of glass windows which open and bring the outdoors inside. You can also relax by the pool and go for a swim or enjoy visiting the surrounding neighborhood.

Contemporary and Modern

If you’re looking to take a lap in luxury check out the Polo Villas House 1, this architecturally stunning vacation home, a perfect fit for those wanting to spend a little more. Falling within our middle range for nightly spend, Polo Villa is fantastic for guests wanting that touch of modern design. You’ll find peace when you step into this contemporary estate, made with clean and modern lines; this place is ideal for providing comfort and luxury all in one. The large pool, spa, and deck area provide optimal relaxation, day or night.


Finally, if you don’t have a budget, or you’re planning a large group trip, Colony 29 homes are a great fit for you! There are six homes in total including 13 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. Along with six kitchens, three pools and four spas to spend your summer days, and so much more you’ll be amazed at all the on-site amenities and activities. Whether you rent out a few of these homes individually or you just enjoy the property as a whole there, you won’t leave disappointed. Plus, we currently have a happy summer discount on these homes that you’ll want to learn more about.

Enjoy your Palm Springs vacation this summer when you live a life of luxury. No matter how much you choose to spend on your trip, we have the best accommodations to fit every need and we can’t wait for you see what our luxury villa in Palm Springs can do for you! Live it up while you’re here, our beautiful scenery, fabulous spas, and excellent restaurants will keep you entertained the summertime season.


Palm Springs is a pup’s paradise. Surrounded by hills and mountains to explore and plenty of adventure around every corner – who better to take in all the beautiful sights and fresh air with you than your four-legged friend?

Here are some fun things for you and your pup to do:


The Palm Springs valley is known for great hiking trails in the mountains and canyons, but not all trails allow dogs due to the protected surrounding wildlife. Here are a few options for hiking with Fido:

South Lykken Trail – a 3.5 mile roundtrip hike of moderate difficulty, with a beginning elevation of 560′, and an elevation gain of about 900′. Trailhead is located at 500 W Mesquite Avenue.

South Lykken Trail

Cross Trail – The Cross Trail is a 2.6 mile out and back trail located near Palm Desert with some steep inclines but beautiful views as you make your way up to the top. To get there take Highway 74 head south, right on Thrush Drive, Left on Thrush Road. Go over the bridge at he canal and turn right.

Araby Trail – Only the first 1.5 miles of this 6 mile hike are dog-friendly so it’s nice for a shorter stroll. Make sure to go early as there is no shade on this trail.  Trailhead is located on Rimrock/Southridge Road off of Hwy 111.


Palm Springs is host to a long list of dog friendly restaurants. For lunch or dinner, book a table at EIGHT4NINE to reserve a seat at their shaded courtyard. For brunch or Tapas stop by Juniper Table at the new Kimpton Hotel and enjoy the scene passing by. Most restaurants in Palm Springs offer outdoor seating and can accommodate pups both large and small. The website VisitGreaterPalmSprings.com has a full list of dog friendly restaurants to explore.

Dining in Palm Springs

Venus De Fido

Can’t bear to be away from your pet for a spa day? Venus de Fido in Palm Desert has you covered with the ultimate spa experience for humans and dogs. Spend a day exploring their fitness facilities and book a spa treatment while Fido gets the full rubdown at the onsite groomer. The facility features a squash court, salt cave and more, as well as an indoor dog park. For an extra challenge, explore The Fido & You fitness class which combines light cardio, with yoga and core strengthening exercise for you while providing agility and trick training for your dog. Go to their website venusdefido.com to book your appointments.

Venus De Fido

Palm Springs Dog Park

.This beautiful park at 222 Civic Drive North features 1.6 acres of fenced-in rolling grass with separate areas for large and small dogs where dogs can run and play leash-free. The most spectacular part of this par is “Desert Reflections” – an artistic fence designed and built by artist Phill Evans.

Palm Springs Dog Park


No visit with in Palm Springs is complete without a stop at Cold Nose Warm Heart. This small store features a huge selection of food, toys, treats, apparel, leashes, and other items for pets. They also carry items for pet lovers such as apparel, mugs, cards, and hats. If you’re closer to Palm Desert make sure to stop by Earthwise, a relatively new store with quality food selection and accessories. Book an appointment with their groomer in advance or use the self serve washing stations.

Cold Nose Warm Heart


Palm Springs is known for chic shopping (hello Trina Turk) and restaurant scene but to experience the desert in a new way, head out to the high desert for a day trip during your next Palm Springs vacation. A 30-minute scenic drive North on the 62 will take you to the quiet town of Yucca Valley. On the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park, the town is an eclectic mix of old gas stations and big-box stores like Walmart and JC Penney’s. Tucked between you’ll discover a slew of high-end vintage stores with incredible clothing selections and locally owned restaurants and coffee shops.

Here are some of our top picks for an outing to the high desert:

Head 15 minutes north from Yucca Valley on Old Woman Springs Road (known to Palm Springs locals as the “backroad to Las Vegas”) and you will land at the Integratron, a 38-foot high, 55-foot diameter, all wood dome surrounded by the Mojave Desert. Originally designed to be an electrostatic generator for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel by George Van Tassel, the Integratron now offers 60-minute sonic healing sessions, also known as “sound baths”. The sound bath experience starts upon arrival in the hushed atmosphere of the property. With hammocks strung between the trees and inviting seating areas covered with handwoven rugs, serenity sets in as soon as you step foot onto the area. After an initial briefing downstairs inside the actual dome, you are lead upstairs to select your mat and blankets for the experience. The next 25 minutes are for mediation while listening to quartz crystal bowls played live. You will be resting comfortably in the deeply resonant, multi-wave sound chamber while a sequence of quartz crystal singing bowls are played, each one keyed to the energy centers or chakras of the body, where sound is nutrition for the nervous system. The result is heightened awareness and relaxation of your mind and body in a way you have never experienced before.

Tip: During season (January through March/April) plan on booking at least a month in advance. Plan on wearing comfortable clothing and arriving an hour early for your sound bath experience. Visit their website for pricing and to book your experience: integratron.com.

The Integratron
Inside the dome
Hammock area at the Integratron

La Copine

With your senses heightened, gather for a meal at Copine just 6 miles South of Integratron on Old Woman Springs Road. Don’t let the odd location and low key exterior fool you. Step inside to a sunny diner rehabbed by East Coast couple Nikki Hill and Claire Waldsworth. Open Thursday through Sunday their menu reads like a “Silver Lake love letter” according to Eater Los Angeles. Their sample menu boasts highlights like Duck-Chicken Mousse and with new items continually added, you are bound to find a culinary surprise that rivals even the best Palm Springs restaurants.

Tip: check their website lacopinekitchen.com before planning your trip. Hours of operation tend to change.

La Copine in Flamingo Heights
La Copine Vegan Eggplant Parm

Frontier Café

With your belly full of good eats from Copine you may need a little pick me up on your way back to Palm Springs. Stop at Frontier Café on the corner of Twentynine Palms Highway and Pioneertown Road. This hidden gem serves local Joshua Tree Coffee Company roast (pick up a bag to brew at home) and completes the ambience with art and music. Their blended chai is memorable as well as local Madhouse pie (we have our eye on the brown sugar bacon pecan pie).

Tip: Don’t forget to check out the two vintage clothing stores next door Thursday nights are Open Mic at Frontier, with their beer & wine menu you might just want to stay for the evening. cafefrontier.com.

Frontier Cafe