The California State Senate will soon debate AB 1731, a bill that would limit the ability of people to rent their own homes and bans full time vacation rentals entirely along the San Diego coast.

To clarify, AB 1731 would:

– Devastate San Diego County hosts who depend on the extra income

-Set a troublesome precedent for short-term rentals along the rest of California’s coast

-Severely jeopardize legally-protected access to the coast

The California State Senate will take a critical vote on the bill next week. Therefore, McLean Company and Share San Diego, need’s you to tell them to OPPOSE AB 1731. Let them know that short-term rentals are vital for all California residents, and how home sharing is an important and affordable option for visiting families to access and enjoy the coastline.

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More you can do to help (from

We need your help contacting San Diego’s delegation of legislators and encouraging them to keep San Diego’s coast open to everyone by opposing AB 1731.

Provided below are talking points you may want to use in your emails/calls, but please share your personal story of why you support STRs.

AB 1731 will severely limit access to reasonably priced lodging in the San Diego Coastal Zone. 

-Studies have shown cost to be the biggest barrier to visiting the coast for many families

-STRs allow families to save money by staying together, cooking, and sharing a private space

AB 1731 will prohibit owners of second homes from making their properties available on hosting platforms as vacation rentals.  

-This bill restricts property rights by preventing homeowners from renting a secondary residence as a short-term rental

-By cutting the number of short-term rentals available as overnight accommodations, prices will soar and the coast will become even less affordable/accessible to working families

AB 1731 will reduce collection of transient occupancy taxes under existing local collection agreements. 

-This bill encourages homeowners to move their listings from well-managed short-term listing sites such as Airbnb and VRBO. This forces them to go to underground sites such as Craigslist or elsewhere where TOT is unlikely to be collected and remitted to the city